Best 5 Custom Printed T-Shirts With Social Distancing Designs

I Love Social Distancing t-Shirt

Social Distancing is, for the moment, a part of life…get used to it. We’re facing major changes to our everyday lifestyle and circumstances which can take a toll on our well-being. While it’s not always possible to deal with things out of our control, we can reduce the stress of what is now a weird way of interacting with others on street level, in a shop (or a queue to even gain entry to a shop, crazy huh?). We want you to check out five effective t-shirts for living with lockdown, social distancing and the new anxiety. Find the best custom printed apparel to make your life just that little bit easier.

Check these custom printed t-shirts for living with lockdown and social distancing:

We should all know the staple instructions for staying safe and keeping others safe during these crazy times by now, those key points are something you’re likely not to forget for a while, so I’m not going to preach them to you again. After all, you’re here already aren’t you? Looking for ways to improve on those basics and give yourself a fighting chance against the less informed or less caring members of society out there.

Follow The Rules

Social distancing? Pah! There’s no accounting for the idiots amongst us, those who choose not to take things so seriously, those who think it will never happen to them.

For those people, here’s a little reminder to help them adhere to what’s already been a widely publicised and talked about set of bullet points, a social distancing t-shirt. You’re making the effort to stick to them for your own wellbeing and safety, so should others.

Social distancing t-shirt- Follow the rules

Follow the rules is straight to the point, it’s three little words, and we all know which rules are being referred to here, don’t we?


Keep Your Distance

Another set of three little words that spring to mind during these strange times are Keep Your Distance. You’ve already seen something like this before, every time you’ve joined a motorway or highway, sooner or later you’ll come across a sign reminding you not to get so close to the person in front, and for obvious reasons.

Social distancing t-shirt - Keep Your Distance

Well the same principles apply here, only this great little social distancing t-shirt has a little typographical twist, cheekily edging the letters of the word away from each other. It’s a recognisable, wearable, walking instruction!


Social Distancing ON

Hands up who doesn’t love their mobile phone? They make our everyday tasks so much easier, they can be very entertaining and are the ultimate communication tool. Our phones are very personal to us, we like them to behave how we want them to. The mindset of social distancing really is as simple as changing a setting on your phone.

Social distancing t-shirt - Social Distancing ON

Take a minute, adjust your own settings, switch ON your social distancing now. With this custom printed social distancing t-shirt you can prompt others to do so too. Wow, how switched on are you?


THINK! I can stop can you? Please keep your distance.

Distance, distance, distance! – I bet a lot of you are getting tired of hearing this word already? Imagine queuing to do the big shop at your local supermarket in this day and age wearing this tee though? (social distancing queueing? Sounds mad doesn't it?) It may make people think again about taking that step closer, you know the ones, nudging ever closer from behind when you haven't budged an inch.

Social distancing t-shirt - THINK!


Yes, it's another road sign inspired social distancing t-shirt, pretty much along the same lines of the earlier one, with one exception. This time it's on the back of your shirt, for all you patient and respectful supermarket queuers out there. A guy's gotta eat and that toilet roll ain't gonna last forever, right?


Don't Stand So Close To Me!

Was Sting a visionary? Did he have an insight on things to come? Nah, probably not, social distancing is a fairly recent necessity in life that we've all of a sudden woken up to and here's a social distancing t-shirt that could help you fend off those pesky 'near doers'.

Don't stand so close to me - social distancing t-shirt


Don't stand so close to me! 1980's band The Police may have been preaching this for years, but I'm sure it's purely coincidental. Although you can bet that with every step you take wearing this little number, you just know that somebody will be watching you, taking note and not standing so close.


We hope these custom printed social distancing t-shirt designs will help you to reduce stress and anxiety whilst you're out and about. Surround yourself with positive thoughts, get out when you can for a little exercise, stay in touch with friends and family with your device, but most of all...enjoy your life, even if it is a little on the wonky side right now...